10 things I’ve learned from my Twitter feed in the past hour - Wednesday edition

1. Wikipedia could become a real encyclopedia! Hang on to your hat Encarta, the internet is coming for you.

Wikipedia Aims to Bolster Credibility with JSTOR Partnership

2. The Home Depot has my love once more

Special Buy of the Day! Nostalgia Electrics Three-Tier Chocolate Fountain, was $49.99, now $25.99:

3. It’s a good thing I like trees because this only screams bad idea to me.

RT : Parasitic wasps being raised to combat Emerald Ash Borer proving winter-hardy for northern states

4. See? I told you religion was fickle during Christmas time

After a public outcry, Stone Road Mall officials have decided to keep the nativity scene.  has details at 1 on 

5. The universe is imploding

Black hole blast biggest ever recorded: 

6. The terror won’t end

‘There’ll be a Ford on the ballot,’ Doug Ford vows if by-election called for Toronto mayor 

7. CBC/Radio-Canada have plunged into cloud-computing

Moving to Gmail – and more! – at CBC/Radio-Canada 

8. P, P, P, P, baby, baby, baby

Due to human activity, global flux of phosphorus (used as ) is up 248%, by comparison, we’ve changed carbon flux by only 13%

9. It’s holiday time uptown

Holiday Open House in UpTown Waterloo Nov.29&30 - lots of great deals and specials at participating businesses 

10. The Wooden Sky is home in Toronto and playing on Saturday. I’m in Detroit…

Back in Ontario today, headed home. Saturday at The Phoenix! Buy fix online here () or grab them at SoundScapes, Rotate.

I was on the bus this morning, sitting across from a middle aged gentleman. Looking at him through my sunglasses I was hit with a strange sort of adoration. There was nothing to my knowledge that was outstanding about this man - mid 50s, salt and pepper hair that had started to recede, simple chinos, a polo shirt, glasses - and yet I was so intrigued.

Perhaps it was his leather shoes. Maybe it was his worn UC London style satchel and matching leather book bag that caught my eye. But that put aside I imagine it was due to the way he was holding his book while he was reading. With fingers curled around the top of the book, allowing him to make margin notes, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued by this stranger. I’ve seen maybe 3 people in my life hold books that way and all were so entirely consumed by what they were reading, passionate about the knowledge held in it’s pages. It is the stance of a scholar. 

The entire thing lasted maybe 3 minutes before I became engrossed in something else, but it was interesting while it lasted.